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Life and Wellness Coaching

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Another service that I offer to clients is Life and/or Wellness Coaching. In both modalities I work with the client to identify their current status is regards to relationships, career, money,  health, well being,  fun & recreation, personal development and their physical environment. We call the findings the wheel of life.


Working from the Wheel of Life I gather information and work out with the client workable strategies to bring out balance in the areas listed above.  From time to time there can be an imbalance in work, life, relationships, health, fun etc.

From a few as three sessions or up to nine, we can put together workable goals to bring about life balance.

A session typically runs for 1.5 – 2 hours, my fee per session is $90.

For more information or to book a session please call me on 0416 241 231 or email keith.smoult@gmail.com


About Hypnosis


 Hypnosis is so much more than use of it on a stage show, where the participant/s do funny things to entertain an audience . Hypnosis has proved to be a successful tool in the area of stopping smoking, weight loss and for motivation. Using  Hypnosis I work with the client to induce a trance state of mind. A naturally occurring state where the client is always in full control of their faculties. Talking to the sub-conscious mind where real changes can be made. My forte is with working to reduce stress, tension and anxiety. I also help clients with weight loss issues and motivation. A session typically lasts for 1.5 – 2 hours and the fee is $90. To book in for a session or for more info please phone me on 0416 241 231 or email keith.smoult@gmail.com

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