NLP (Neuro Lingistic Programming)

I am now a certified NLP practitioner, it’s an exciting way of helping clients to make better life choices, to change their life for the better. To release old, out dated thought patterns and replace them with positive self talk that works for their betterment. We are programmed from birth by our parents, siblings, carers and teachers. Often the information that was given to us was incorrect or even wrong. For example, I was told by my father on more than one occasion that I was useless or hopeless and later in my time in Karate a Sensei, (teacher), said the same thing to me when I inadvertently hit his wife whilst practicing multiple punching routines.  Being a sensitive person I took these comments to be true.  Only after many years of self discovery and development, I realised that this is simply not true.  I am looking forward to helping my clients  to overcome and reprogram their minds from thoughts, beliefs that are holding them back from reaching their full potential in what ever it may be.




Qigong catching the Sun





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