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I have been studying various methods of self development for 50 years, they include, Karate, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi/Qi Gong, Counselling, Life Coaching and massage. More recently Wellness Coaching, Reiki, Calligraphy and Colour therapy.

Learn resilience and wellness skills for your body and mind

I have been studying and practicing different methods of developing strength in my body and mind for 50 years. This is or has been by way of Karate, Yoga, Taiji and Qi Gong. I have taught Karate and Yoga extensively in my past. However more recently, I have gone back to my love of forms, particularly those of Taiji and Qi Gong. Over the last 8 years I have taught both professionally and as a volunteer, a simple Taiji/Qi Gong form called Shi Ba Shi (18 postures), which is a blend of movements from Taiji and Qi Gong. My teaching of this form began when I was a volunteer tutor for the University of the Third Age, (U3A), which is an organisation that provides free classes to senior citizens who are retired or semi-retired. I taught for U3A for three years, my classes were exceedingly popular class numbers ranged from 10 to 30 each week. Some of my Asian students even called me Sifu, (teacher), which was a nice compliment.

More recently I taught for the Australian Multicultural Community Services organisation which was government funded by Sports Australia with a goal of improving senior citizens physical and mental health. Everything must end, as the saying goes. My last session was on the 25th of May 2021 as the funding ran out. However, I am now running classes for Hume City council, in the suburb of Dallas Victoria in their Active lifestyle program which is also for senior citizens. I’d like to think that I am helping the senior citizens in their physical and mental health. The feedback has been incredibly positive, the participants seem to be enjoying my classes.

For those who are not familiar with the term Qi Gong, it translates to energy work or cultivation. It goes hand in hand with the practices of Taiji and is said to be up to 4,000 years old. Qi Gong can be done sitting, standing with movement or static postures that may be held from two to 20 minutes. Its focus can be on health or the martial arts or even for spiritual development.

My teaching has been done face to face and via zoom. I now offer my services directly to the business sector, and to independent social groups. My fee is $100 per session, face to face or via zoom. Travel costs will be added depending on the time it takes for me to travel by car. The sessions can run from 20 minutes or up to one hour in duration. They can be adapted to suit your needs. They could consist of a blending of Yoga, Taiji/Qi Gong and Meditation. The classes could be done standing or sitting or a combination of both.

You may have noticed that I have update my spelling from Tai Chi to Taiji, which I believe is a more accurate spelling, I am still learning. The term Tai Chi Chuan or Taiji Quan which translates to supreme ultimate fist. Taiji is also referred to as shadow boxing and in that regard is like Karate kata where the practitioner is fighting imaginary opponent/s.