Tranquility Wellness Centre Class Timetable

 General Classes are small in number, yet high in quality, catering for individual requirements

Monday Morning Yoga class  8.30 – 9.30am, Casual fee $20 per session or $150 for 10 lessons

Monday Evening Yoga general class 5 – 6pm, Qi Gong Class 7 – 8pm Fee as above

Monday Evening Guided Meditation Class 8 – 9pm Fee as above

Friday Morning Yoga Class  8.30am, Fee $150 for 10 lessons

Saturday Morning Qigong Meditation and movement 9 -10am

Meditation Course 6 x 90 minute lessons $150 includes a guided Relaxation/Meditation CD by appointment

Personal training $45 per hour by appointment, 10 classes prepaid $350

Saturday by appointment, personal tuition $50 per hour, 10 lessons group class $200  Class timetable is subject to change

We are located at 18 Pilgrim Drive Hillside Victoria, on the corner of Pilgrim Drive and Sage Close

  • Please note that due to our home being recently restructured class numbers are now a maximum of 3 participants

For more information please call me on 0416 241 231 or email


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