Counselling and Coaching

You could say in a way that I have been coaching since I received the rank of Sensei back in 1978. A rank that was given to me by the head teacher and founder of Zen Do Kai, Bob Jones. I taught for ZDK as a Sensei (teacher) until 1985. After which for some years I taught in my own right, both Karate and later Tai Chi for the Australian academy of Tai Chi.

In the year 2008 I completed a Certificate 1V in coaching with the Australian Coaching institute. In October 2016, I completed a Degree in Counselling with The Change Academy, who also traded as Evocca College.

Since then, I have been counselling for free to close friends and family members who have sought out my assistance. Essentially Counselling helps people overcome past traumas which may be holding them back from reaching their full potential as a human being. Whereas Coaching is more about present time or the future. For example, a sporting coach, helps athlete to perform to their full potential in the here and now or prepare athlete for future sporting events. Life Coaching is about life in all its aspects, relationships, health, career and even the spiritual.

With Both Counselling and Coaching the role is not to give advice, it is to help the client/s to find out their own solutions to their issues or problems, it is also to encourage them to achieve their goals by setting timelines and pointing out to the client/s where their behaviour is inconsistent to their goals.

Appointments for Counselling and/or Coaching sessions can be with me either face to face or via Zoom. the cost per session is $100 AU. It is recommended that the client/s make a minimum of 3 appointments for lasting change.

Enquiries can be made through email, or mobile 0416241231 Australia wide.

A photo of me after my graduation