New 6 week Meditation course

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Wish to learn Meditation?

6 Week Meditation Course: For Stress, Anxiety, to quiet the chattering Mind or increase energy levels. There are many methods of Meditation, some of which are Relaxation/Meditation, usually guided. Focus based, focusing on a Mantra, the breath or even areas of the body such as sitting Qigong. Moving Meditation, slow movement such as Tai Chi, walking meditation, just to name a few.

The benefits of them all are a calm or Tranquil state of mind and a relaxed body. When we relax the body the mind becomes calm, when we calm the mind the body relaxes. They are linked, body and mind .


This course may be for you!

Where: Tranquility Wellness Centre 18 Pilgrim Drive Hillside

Each class runs for 90 minutes. 6 classes in total. Fee: $150 (includes guided Meditation CD) by appointment.

 Qigong (Energy) moving and sitting Meditation class Saturday  mornings 9 – 10am $150 for 10 lessons                           or $20 casual.

Enquiries please phone Keith on 0416 241 231 email



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