Taiji & Qi Gong

Taiji or Tai Chi, same thing is an ancient Chinese martial art and health practice. If you ever visit China or Taiwan you will see many people practicing forms or Taiji particularly in the morning around sunrise when the Qi (energy) is strong. Another reason for practicing these disciplines in the morning is to get it done before work. it helps to get people motivated for the day. It strengthens and invigorates the whole body, particularly the legs, which are our foundation. It is said that weight bearing exercise is essential for bone density and optimum health. But also, Taiji gently stretches and strengthens muscles ligament and tendons. Gentle and slow twisting massages internal organs. Further it releases stuck or stagnant Qi, which can cause ill health, long term. It like when you turn on a hose with a kink in it, water flow is either stopped or significantly reduced. Tension in muscles, has a similar effect to energy flow. Relaxation and slow movement promote good energy flow.

With Qi Gong the emphases is on energy, in fact the words translate to energy, vital force, vapour, Gong translates to work or practice. I believe that the practice of Qi Gong is up to 5,000 years old. Sometimes the practices of Taiji and Qi Gong are intertwined, such as in the forms of Shibashi, 18 postures. Qi Gong can also include the practice of static poses such as the standing pole postures.

I teach Shibashi face to face and online via Zoom. One hour classes are $100 AUD. In regards to the face to face classes a travelling cost is added.

For more details, please email me, keith.smoult@gmail.com or contact me via mobile 0416241231.